So, I don’t usually post GPOY on Tumblr, but I’m pretty pleased with how far I’ve come.  

At my heaviest, which was around mid-2011, I was about 145 kg (or 320lbs), which I found out by getting on the scales at the blood donation centre.  As a physically big guy (Nordic descent, hence the 195cm/6’5” height), I knew that I was always going to weigh more than most people, but it was only at that point that I realised how my teenage weight struggle was an continuing issue that was impacting on my health (hell, my blood pressure measurement at the centre was pretty concerning).   Having to go to Rivers (fucking RIVERS) and upgrade from a size 42 (inches) to 44 to 46 pair of jeans was not a fun experience (especially financially).

From that point, I think (I didn’t follow any system) I started to make changes in the way that I did things - eat healthier foods, drink more water, exercise more.  I returned once more to Rivers, and the reverse process began - 46, 44, 42.  My energy levels resurged and I was able to do a lot more where before lethargy had been the way.  The following February, I went to JeansWest, and to my surprise, I bought two pairs of size 36 jeans.A year on from that trigger point, I had lost 40kgs, which had a substantial impact on my health and living conditions.

Now a year and a half on from that, I’ve maintained a pretty stable weight (never exceeding 110kg), and at 105 now, my 36 jeans are staring to become a bit baggy.  I’m only a few away from breaking triple digits, a figure I’ve not been under since my early adolescence. Now, I’m ready to do some tidying up and toning and bring myself to the best state of physical health I’ve been in.

Thank you to all who’ve been supportive throughout this journey.

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Little boy discovers he is a wizard

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