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    Muhly: Luminous Body: V: Your Whole Body is Luminous
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    Week 1 (2011-12) - Saturday, September 10, 2011

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There is a difference between choosing ignorance and choosing to take care of yourself.

Please be kind to people who need to quietly and respectfully disengage from current events because of stress/anxiety/depression/any other related health issues.

Super important

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Monika WeissElytron: (spirit and body are only two wings)

Elytron can be defined as the leathery or chitinous forewings of a beetle or a related insect, serving to encase the thin, membranous hind wings used in flight.

“‘Elytron: (spirit and body are only two wings)’ is a 5-hour installation/performance created for the main room of the Chelsea Art Museum. Moving progressively and intuitively around the floor, and using my entire figure as a metaphorical brush, I repeatedly leave and arrive back to a sculpted vessel filled with dark fluid. Observed by a system of video cameras, I crawl leaving visual and sonic traces of the action and creating a permeable, open zone of image and of sound, while I move, curled up, within the self-imposed boundaries of canvas.”

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Have you noticed how beautiful are the great artists’ signatures. Take a look to our entire collection (584 signatures) here: http://goo.gl/pC5qzT.

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I found this fabric at the store the other day and now I get to have pillow cases made out of it for my room. #nerd

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